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Prime Sirloin Steak

Cut from the center of the sirloin, our Top Sirloins are naturally lean and bursting with bold, beefy flavor.

Imagine juicy sirloin steaks aged to perfection and ready to be eaten in minutes. Our USDA prime beef steaks can be prepared quickly and each sirloin steak is intensely flavorful and incredibly tender. Malone's at Home purchases each sirloin beef steak from the finest butchers in Chicago. Our luscious sirloin steaks are the perfect cornerstone for a truly memorable at-home dining experience.

Malone's has a wide selection of prime beef steaks to choose from and we are convinced you will not find a better sirloin steak anywhere at anytime. When it comes to sirloin steak perfection Malone's at Home will settle for nothing less than the best. With the addition of our fast and convenient website you too can enjoy the best sirloin beef steaks in the world.

At Malone's you will find only 100% USDA prime beef which includes our incredible prime sirloin steak cuts. Every meat lover and steak aficionado will enjoy our prime sirloin beef steak as a gift. Even the most discriminating steak lover will appreciate the quality and flavor of our sirloin steaks. Each sirloin steak is aged to perfection and carefully selected for quality and flavor. Malone's at Home has a long-standing tradition of fine dining excellence and we invite all sirloin steak lovers to order your juicy and delicious beef steak cut's today. For more information regarding our prime beef steak choices or our amazing sirloin steak cuts please feel free to email us at:

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6 oz Sirloin - $114 12Steaks
Our Price: 114.00

6 oz Sirloin - $56 6Steaks
Our Price: 56.00

6 oz Sirloin - $38 4 Steaks
Our Price: 38.00

6 oz Sirloin - $10 each
Our Price: 10.00

12 oz Sirloin - $234 for 12 steaks
Our Price: 234.00

12 oz Sirloin - $116 for 6 steaks
Our Price: 116.00

12 oz Sirloin - $78 for 4 steaks
Our Price: 78.00

12 oz Sirloin - $20 each
Our Price: 20.00

8 oz Sirloin - $162 for 12 steaks
Our Price: 162.00

8 oz Sirloin - $80 for 6 steaks
Our Price: 80.00

8 oz Sirloin - $54 for 4 steaks
Our Price: 54.00

8 oz Sirloin - $14 each
Our Price: 14.00